Lets Get All the Details

With almost a decade in the business we've booked
literally, thousands of parties and events; with over 30,000 Faces painted!


We cover a WIDE range of locations ALL over San Diego for same flat rate!


Our style designs are curated to be detailed or minimalistic. 


Our Booking process is simple


Our text line is always open for questions


We ask for little down and don't drain your pocket with additional fees!








Detailed BOOKING

We will go over all the details, via email;

Booking Confirmation, Invoice or Insurance needed. Full payments can be paid upfront but not required. 


Easy Setup

We arrive 10-20 min early, minimal space required


Minimal Requirements

  • Deposit must be received to complete booking
  • Balances must be paid at start of service
  • We ask shade be provided for outdoor parties
  • Night parties we ask for some lighting to be provided 


No Hidden Fees 

  • NO mileage fees in our service areas.
  • Reschedules receive credit towards future booking
  • Cancellations dont pay for service
  • If we cancel, (which is rare) deposit is refunded


Best Party Planning Tips:

Planning ahead is always best!

To help us have a great service and for your party to go smoothly, heres some Tips:

  • Book 1-2 months in advance
  • Book your face painter 30min-1 hour into the party. This gives time for guests to arrive
  • Provide a great space for your entertainer and guest line - 5×5 minimum but 10x10 best! Also in a flat, dry and covered location. Best not to put them against a bounce house or in an entrance way. You want your Artist to be showcased, giving a live performance; not hidden in an alley.
  • Pay Face Painter up front; we require this for smoother service. That way you can focus on cutting the cake
  • Let Your Entertainer do the organizing. If you prefer helping us out, Thats great! But otherwise we number kids and we WILL get to each kid
  • Let your guests know ahead of time you hired a painter! That way they make sure to get to party in time to get their childs face painted and your moneys not wasted!
  • Make sure your Birthday boy or girl is ready when Face Painter arrives; That way they can get theyre Face Painted before guests get in line
  • Enjoy the Party! We got it covered! We do our best work when we know your confident in our service and you can trust our expertise.  


If you still have questions go to our FAQS page. We cover so much more!