Face Painting FAQS


How many kids do you paint in an hour?

10-20 Faces

With our years of experience, skills, quality of work, we've averaged 10+ faces per hour doing full masks and over 20+ Faces with our Event speed painting

How long do you take to paint each face? 

Average 2-5 minutes.

Classic designs with masks can take up to 5minutes, but with our speed painting techniques we can get painting down to less than a minute. Depends on design, how well child sits, if child needs face cleaned prior, how old child is. Theres many factors that depend on length of time.

Do you only paint a set amount of faces paid per hour?

We set no limit!

If we see theres more kids than specified we will work in double time and do our best to get to AS MANY kids as we can in our booked time frame. 

Do I have to Pay in Full to book?

We never ask for full payment up front!

Parties only need a deposit down and Events receive invoices. Full payments only due prior to start of services.

Do you send other Face Painters?  I've had a bad experience in the past:

We do occasionally send out other Artists in our Network. BUT we care more about our reputation and quality than profit! We handpick ONLY Artists we've personally worked with and pre-approved. We will never send out an amateur or mediocre Artist just to make a buck. QUALITY ARTISTS are VERY important to us!

Do you dress up for Parties?

Professional & cute attire. We always ask about your party theme and try to coordinate colored aprons to match if possible. Holidays we wear holiday themed accessories or aprons. 

Can I request themed designs?

We have multiple menus that can coordinate with your theme or upon request at party, we will incorporate theme into design for birthday kid.

How Early should I Book?

1-2 months ahead is prefered, best chance up to 3 months. But we've been able to get you booked even 1-2 weeks away. Just depends on the season. 


How is Face Paint removed?

Apply soap, then water.  Makeup wipes and coconut oil can be useful as well. 

Do you paint kids if they are sick or have skin conditions?

No. We have a strict protocol on hygiene for Face Painting. No one sick or resembling symptoms. No one with eczema, open wounds, skin sensitivities, accessive acne. 

Anything Else?

We hope this helps you feel more confident with our expertise and we'd love to paint at your Party or Event😊


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