S A F E.

C L E A N.

O R G A N I Z E D.

S A N I T I Z E D.


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Our Procedures:


EVERY! Party or Event we use


  • Freshly washed towels
  • Freshly washed sponges
  • Fresh water 

      (Never used twice)




  • Cleaned with soap & water, between each event. 
  • Sprayed with alcohol & air dried
  • At Events water wells and paints sprayed with brush and water sanitizer soaps, sold by Professional Face Painting websites




  • Washed in washer machine and sun dried 
  • At Events one sponge per child is used 




  •  Hand Sanitizer AT work station
  • Baby Wipes AT station
  • Sanitizer water & paint soap AT station
  • Between Events we spray case & chair with Lysol sanitizer




  • We wear a mask at most parties & events
  • We prefer kids wear mask but not required